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Proxy Servers: Protect Your Privacy! If you are a frequent internet surfer then you know the dangers that lurk on the world wide web. There are many people that are constantly trying to steal your personal information and plant Spyware, Trojans, Adware and Viruses on your computer!

A few years ago, people used proxy servers to hide their identity while they downloaded music or video games, now with so many hackers online, it has become somewhat a necessity for a lot of web surfers to conceal their identity for their own protection.

What is a proxy server? A proxy server is simple, it is a server already on an internet, in which a web surfer connects to and uses the anonymous proxy servers contact and IP information. This way anyone that comes in contact with you while on line does not know your true identity (your real IP) and better yet, can not download viruses or steal your IP information. provides you with the best 24 hrs per day updated proxy server lists on the net. With our proxy server list usa, china, japan, europe etc. you will be surfing the net anonymously! Free proxies downloads will be available soon, too!